Published by: Irish Film Festival | 10-May-2019
Sydney's Irish Film Festival 2019 is featuring the inspiring documentary 'The Camino Voyage', as it takes the audience on a dangerous voyage from the seas of Ireland to Northern Spain.
The Camino Voyage is a spirited documentary about the quirky chemistry between a writer, two musicians, an artist and a stonemason as they embark on a treacherous trip across the oceans. The film reflects a modern day Celtic Odyssey as they row in a traditional Irish boat they built themselves along the Camino Pilgrim trail, marking a long 2,500km trip from Ireland all the way to Northern Spain. The film has quickly gained much attention in the inspiring portrayal of the strong courage found in a small crew in a tiny boat. The crew has constantly been looking for a challenge in the sea, and the journey depicted in the Camino Voyage stands as one of their many intrepid sea adventures. Their endless strive to push themselves and their love for the audacious voyages bring inspiration and passion to the screens. The film depicts their incredible experiences as how it is, showing the audience what it's like to row on the tiny boat for hours on end, building harmonious relationships, and forging new friendships as they pull into coastal towns and small villages. The documentary features five artists including the Oscar winning songwriter and actor Glen Hansard. The film has won the Documentary Award at the Irish Screen America Film Festival in 2018.

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