The Bench Series

Published by: Justina Ward and Tim Fox | 5-May-2016
Directed individually The Bench is a snackable feast of eight, multi-genre short stories set on the same park bench. Through the course of the eight episodes we meet a great range of characters set in multitude of different genres; from vampires to girl scouts, time travellers to assassins, post-apocalyptic Australia to Sydney's first colonial settlement, and even the future and its multi-verses. The Bench really is a kaleidoscope of time & colour. @thebenchseries #fundthebench
The Bench is a high quality professional independent project created by Tim Fox and Justina Ward and produced by The HubStudio. The HubStudio is well known for offering some of the best training in the country, but now we want to create content as well. The Bench then is the first project from The Hub, and will act as a pilot project to prove to ourselves and others what our community of over 700 creatives is capable of making. We believe its going to be the start of something great!

Our original idea was to produce the 3 episodes as a pilot to pitch to networks, however we have had such great feedback and encouragement we've decided to complete the final 5 eps. However to do this we need to raise some funds and on board some new supporters!! When we started it was never our initial plan to be asking for money, but to be upfront we feel its a worthwhile and exciting project to be involved in and we're looking at this campaign as as much a marketing and awareness strategy, as a fund raiser to complete the project to the level it deserves.

Already on The Bench we have spent a full year in pre-production, having chosen the 8 scripts via submission from over 50 local writers, and in the process created our own script development program. In addition, we have also now collaborated with over 70 cast, crew, writers, producers and editors. So, all in all The Bench really is a collaboration of fantastic professional talent, working together to create high quality V.O.D content, and we could not be prouder of the enormous hard work and dedication from all those involved.

So, In a nut shell The Bench is a fantastic stand-alone piece of original Aussie entertainment, and on top of which for The Hub, it's a way of providing more opportunities for creatives, and in turn build a development and production system capable of taking seed ideas and turning them into something glorious. We invite you to be part of the journey. Come join us!

The Bench Team.

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