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The Australian Arts Party

BY Sirmai Arts Marketing | 23-Oct-2013
A new party on the Australian political landscape. That believes that art, culture and creativity matter. Two Sydney artists have founded a new political party to focus attention and resources on the Arts in Australia. Film-maker PJ Collins and actor Nicholas Gledhill launched The Australian Arts Party this week to an immediate groundswell of support from supporters of the Arts around Australia.

The fledgeling party's crowd-funding campaign rocketed to 15% of its goal within two days as – purely on the strength of social media - memberships flooded in from all over the country. The pair have called on "all Australians who believe that our arts, culture and creativity matter" to join the new movement.

"We have 47 more days in the campaign and hope not just reach, but to far exceed our initial federal registration target," said Gledhill.

"Australian art, culture and creativity have a huge influence on our lives, both socially and economically. They are true primary industries of this country, creating wealth and community through our imagination, sweat and appreciation. They are activities that inspire, enrich and change Australian lives. We need to reprioritise Australian creativity as a fundamental asset of this country."

Driving a broad social and economic platform, the Arts Party aims to transform the political conversation within Australian state and federal parliaments by repositioning creativity, cultural appreciation and arts in all its many and various forms, as central to the future of Australian development and wealth creation.

Founding political officer of the Party, PJ Collins said the future of Australia depends on the quality of its ideas even more than the size of its mines.

"For too long, I have felt a real lack of recognition and respect for the value Australian creativity brings to our great country. The last federal election left me, and many of my friends, more disaffected than ever before with Australian politics. Motoring enthusiasts and miners now holding the balance of power in our senate - enough is enough! Join us now!!"