Published by: TEDxMelbourne | 30-Nov-2020
Sharing ideas through the power of music. An online, immersive experience like no other.
Music is a universal language. It brings us closer to each other “ across time, across cultures, across moments. Music unites us. In 2020, we need it more than ever.

Unfortunately during the pandemic many artists and entertainers from across the world, lost their main source of income as live venues shut down and concerts were cancelled.

TEDxMelbourne and our community appreciate the power of music and connection. We want to support and celebrate music artists by not only providing a platform for them to perform, but to also delve behind the music to uncover the ideas that inspire their work, talk about their creative process and discuss the importance of a strong and resilient arts industry in Australia and across the globe.

This is not just another online music gig “ this is about ideas and inspiration “ about the power of messages through music “ about tapping into the current issues we face as a community and how we can come together, build our collective resilience and share ideas that inspire positive change. This is music from a unique TEDxMelbourne perspective.

Join us for this very special event as we showcase four diverse artists who are all delivering important messages to audiences in their own unique way.

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