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BY Annabelle Jones | 03-Aug-2012
Ted Secombe 2012 launches September 1, 2012. Melbourne-based Master Potter Ted Secombe has confirmed he will return to the art world with his first solo exhibition since 2004 this spring. Secombe’s place in the Australian ceramics industry is unchallenged and he is regarded as one of Australia’s most significant and accomplished ceramic artists.

Recognised both nationally and internationally for his profound use of clay, Secombe created a name for himself with his awe-inspiring bowls, urns, water stones, lanterns and fountains which have been praised by art influencers throughout the world for their creative expression, thoughtful beauty and use of space. Secombe’s decision to commit to his first solo exhibition in eight years was triggered by an artistic revelation some years ago and the new exhibition, Ted Secombe 2012, is set to be profoundly different to Secombe’s previous works with the artist venturing into another medium.

Secombe said, “The new works are profoundly different from my previous designs as I have ventured from clay into steel and bronze sculptures. Clay is still part of the process and there are some accompanying ceramic pieces however I’ve explored mediums I haven’t worked with before which are challenging and rewarding.”

Secombe has endeavoured to grow as an artist and confirmed the Australian art world can look forward to a collection which represents the accumulation of knowledge and skill acquired through 28 years of full time ceramic production.

“The new exhibition is influenced by the natural world and is about purity of form. The studies for this exhibition are of avian and botanical origin. I attempt to be a keen observer of the natural world and find inspiration of great beauty there. The manifestation of this influence is a series of sculptures that relate to birds and flowers without attempting to be too literal in its interpretation. The forms are symbolic although a species reference can be evident at times. The form and line or the subject are of most interest to me as it is here that I find the most seductive nature of the subject. I exaggerate these in an attempt to enhance its appeal. My ambition lies in trying to add beautiful and restorative offerings to the world.”

Secombe is highly regarded for his beautiful crystalline glazes and his ability to master the cobalt blue and deep crimson finishes. He has worked with a huge range of colours to date and is hailed in the art industry as a leader for his use of complex glazes which create works that are rich in colour and delicate in texture and patterning.

Ted Secombe 2012 will include pieces which experiment with a new range of glazes, some of which are reminiscent of ancient Chinese glaze techniques. The new glazes involve different firing procedures and Secombe, who has always been hands on with the physical creation of his designs, has attempted to achieve the best possible results by altering the time and temperature of the firing.

Ted Secombe 2012 will be set in the stunning surrounds of Secombe’s Yarra Valley garden gallery where natural light and the elements play on each piece to enhance colour, beauty and form.

Ted Secombe 2012 will officially open on September 1, 2012 in the Yarra Valley.