Technology Meets Creativity - 11th Annual New Media Film Festival®

Published by: Crystal Zan | 21-Aug-2019
This year's New Media Film Festival® has been and gone, and organisers are now calling for submissions in next year's blockbuster event! @NewMediaFilmFestival #NewMediaFilmFestival #newmediaff @newmediaff
Venue: The Landmark
Address: The Landmark 10850 W. Pico Blvd Los Angeles CA 90064
Date: June 3-4 2020
Time: Noon to 10:30PM each day
Ticket: from free to $249 average, $30
Buy / Ticket:
Call: 310-288-1100
2020 celebrates the 11th successful year of the New Media Film Festival®. To be held on the 3rd and 4th of June 2020 at The Landmark in Los Angeles, the award-wining festival is an annual event not to be missed. It provides an unparalleled opportunity for established and emerging creators of New Media Content to showcase their talents and present their stories to the world. Will you be one of those creators?

Part of the C3 - United Nations - Millennium Project, the New Media Film Festival® was launched as an annual event during the 2009 C3: Center for Conscious Creativity IMMERSE IN THE FUTURE symposium held in Los Angeles. New Media Film Festival is the brainchild of media futurist and current president of Select Services Films Inc Susan Johnston. She saw the need for a unique event specifically catering to new media content artists that would "look at new technologies and how it merges with the story so people can go on the journey the story set out to create." The result is an inimitable and exciting film festival that the organizers say creates "new opportunities outside the norm to bolster creators in media."

Indeed, since its inception in 2009 the Festival has launched many successful media and film careers for participants. Renowned film director Roger Corman, in congratulating the organizers, said "I thank Susan and the New Media organization (film festival) for what they've done for young filmmakers."

When you add this to the long list of firsts they've achieved, the organizers behind the New Media Film Festival® certainly have a lot to be proud of. Highlights from that list include being the first festival to celebrate 'innovation, story, mediums and platforms', the first to screen AI created film, show collaborative virtual reality content, host an AR International Art Exhibit, and distribute micro content. The Festival also believes in giving back and over the years has supported a wide range of non-profit ventures including the Sea Research Foundation, EyeCare4Kids, Solartopia, weSpark, and more.

In 2020 the 11th New Media Film Festival® promises to be just as exciting and innovative as the preceding 10 have been! As with previous years, the Festival will present carefully chosen 'stories' produced by technologically innovative storytellers from around the globe. Some of the creators will be old hands at the game, and many won't be, but ultimately it matters not at the New Media Film Festival®! Emerging media technologies are, after all, new for everyone.

Available categories will again reflect the increasingly imaginative media uses for 21st century technology. There will be over 20 sections available including Augmented Reality, Digital Comic, Drone, Mobile, New Media, Pilot, Podcast, Web Series, Virtual Reality, 5D. Old favorites like Animation, Documentary, Feature, Music Video, Script, Shorts, Sniplers - 30 second pitch®, Student, and Trailers will also make a reappearance. In short, there will be stories for everyone "created by people of all ages - from all cultures and all media." Some of the stories will be having their World Premier at the Festival, whilst for others it will be their first screening in Los Angeles. Additionally, almost all nominations receive distribution and funding opportunities, even those not accepted to compete and screen at the festival.

Along with technology giveaways, global event invites, and various other significant prizes there's $45,000 in Grand Prize, Best in Category and Audience Award. The Festival will also offer an Emmys® Award Consultant for one lucky entrant. Participants further have the opportunity to socialize and network, are provided with a marketing table, can participate in Q and A's and panels, enjoy social events, live music and more. There's even a red carpet event!

Mark the date in your calendar now for this IMDB official event to make sure your story will be in the running to be one of the 'honoring stories worth telling.' For more information about the various categories, full details of the awards, how entries are selected, or to submit your New Media Content story visit the NewMediaFilmFestival website.

Crystal Z
New Media Film Festival
2355 Westwood Blvd. #381
Los Angeles CA 90064
Phone: 310-288-1100

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