Te Hirangi: Wendy Gillespie / a Solo Exhibition

Published by: Agora Gallery | 3-Oct-2016
This fall Agora Gallery will highlight one of New Zealand's most exciting contemporary landscape artists, Wendy Gillespie, with a solo exhibition.
Venue: Agora Gallery
Address: 530 West 25th St, Chelsea, New York, USA
Date: October 14, 2016 "“ November 3, 2016
Time: Tues-Sat 11:00am "“ 6:00pm
Ticket: Free
Web: http://www.agora-gallery.com/ExhibitionAnnouncement/Hirangi_10_14_2016.aspx
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: http://twitter.com/Agora_Gallery
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: https://www.pinterest.com/agoragallery/
EMail: olga@agora-gallery.com
Call: 212.226.4151 ext. 202
Gillespie creates work that stands out among her peers for its technical self-assuredness. She depicts hills that rise gently out of a morning mist, somehow simultaneously slick with a rosy sheen and flecked where tufts of grass poke up. Her trees offer perfectly brittle bark and fluffy leaves in turn. At distances great and small, Gillespie conjures minute details. She also uses natural light to create a palpable emotional atmosphere that is every bit as important as her technique. She has described her goal as "evoking a passion, mood, and feeling," be it tranquil, roiling, or mysterious. In these unpeopled landscapes, the sun and the finely wrought colors give the audience a guide to complex emotions. Ocean, empty sky, mountains, plains, jagged shorelines - no matter the terrain, Gillespie executes her portrayal with ease and sensitivity.

The exhibition will open on October 14th, 2016 and run through November 3rd, 2016 with an opening reception on Thursday, October 20 from 6-8 PM. Admission is free.

Exhibition Dates: October 14, 2016 "“ November 3, 2016
Reception: Thursday October 20, 2016, 6:00pm - 8:00pm
Gallery Hours: Tues-Sat 11:00am "“ 6:00pm
Gallery Location: 530 West 25th St, Chelsea, New York
Event URL: http://www.agora-gallery.com/ExhibitionAnnouncement/Hirangi_10_14_2016.aspx

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Te Hirangi: Wendy Gillespie / a Solo Exhibition

Wendy Gillespie

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