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Taiko Master Hiroo Asanuma Hosting Exclusive Workshops with Taikoz

BY Alannah Maher | 06-Sep-2017
Australia’s foremost taiko (Japanese drum) ensemble, Taikoz, are elated to welcome Hachijodaiko master Hiroo Asanuma as he comes to Sydney to lead exclusive workshops for experienced and beginner taiko players from 27th September to 1st October 2017. - WORKSHOPS HAVE BEEN CANCELLED
Born in 1947 on Hachijo Kojima, one of the outlying islands of Hachijo, Asanuma-sensei has dedicated his life to the practice of this unique form of taiko drumming. A traditional side-on style of playing the drum, Hachijodaiko is very flamboyant and graceful, yet powerful and joyful in its movement and rhythm. Players from all walks of life on the island – from kids to adults – play their taiko style with pride, and for over 60 years, Asanuma-sensei, as a leading exponent, continues to perform and share his incredible depth of knowledge, experience and high-level skill with others on the islands of Hachijo and with others from beyond the shores of the island – and now, even in Australia! This is an opportunity to work with an original master of a style of taiko drumming that is not only unique in Japan, but also the world.

The Focus on Hachijodaiko 3-Day Intensive workshop series for experienced taiko players, from September 27th to 29th, is ideal for those who wish to develop their playing in the unique Hachijodaiko style, as taught by a true master. Asanuma-sensei will cover advanced technical work along with ongoing commentary about cultural context, background and history.

For beginner taiko players who wish to experience an introduction to the unique Hachijodaiko style, the Focus on Hachijodaiko Community Workshops on Saturday 30th September or Sunday 1st October are a great opportunity to learn technical basics, cultural context, background and history from a true master.