Synth Babe Records takes the plunge into Patreon - with starting prices the pack of chewing gum each month

Published by: Synth Babe Records | 9-Sep-2016
Synth Babe Records have launched their very own Patreon page, inviting supporters from all over the world to assist the collective grow, which exists to champion female and non-binary electronic music producers and develop training programs for budding producers. #girlstothfront #synthbabesunite #wegotthis
Synth Babe Records launches their very own Patreon page on September 9, inviting supporters from all over the world to assist the collective grow.

Rewards include exclusive patron-only releases, merchandise and that warm and fuzzy feeling of supporting independent artists make music and perform it. Businesses and organisations can also sign up as supporters and have weekly shout-outs in the roll-call, their logo displayed on the new website and align with what the collective is aiming to achieve.

"It's a jungle out there and the industry is changing a lot, but I feel like I'm onto a good thing here with a lot of great ideas and collaborations happening. I want to create a sustainable, not-for-profit business, rather than a traditional record label, where artists are the priority, not the profits." says collective founder and artist Anya Trybala AKA Ninoosh,

"Launching a business like this takes seed funding and I have peanuts - so I thought to just ask the world. Amanda Palmer has been a big inspiration to me in all of this!"

Ninoosh is also offering one-on-one producer sessions in Ableton Live and is developing training workshops for budding female producers in collaboration with organisations like MESS Foundation in Melbourne and other locations around Europe.

"This seed funding will help us pay for mixing and mastering tracks, website, travel and marketing costs and also help develop training programs for future workshops. I know what it's like to start out in production and when you get stuck and have specific questions about the software or how to take the productions into a live setting - it can help if someone can just show you." she says.

The label has launched a number of acclaimed releases in 2016, including the Ninoosh EP Town of Two Hundred, a single Desire from Stockholm outfit The Fleurs as well as a handful of remixes from Melbourne-based downtempo electronic artist, Ok Sure and also French producer and DJ, Mila Dietrich.

Synth Babe Records is also launching a new compilation series called Babes of... - the first being

Babes of...Melbourne in collaboration with Node Techno Collective, featuring 22 emerging female electronic artists raising money for the International Women's Development Agency (IWDA). Other cities on the horizon include Sao Paulo, Rejkyavik, Stockholm and Berlin in 2017.

"In addition to funding, I'm also seeking music business mentors, so if anyone would like to lend their time and expertise, get in contact. I would really appreciate some guidance. I got a lot of moxie, but not as much business experience, so would appreciate the help." - Ninoosh

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