Susan Dasya, Andrew Goodman and Kathryn McCool: Flimflam exhibition - 10 November to 21 December

Published by: La Trobe University VAC Bendigo | 28-Oct-2016
This project reflects a shared interest in aspects of surrealism - in seeking to find uncanny, disturbing and potentially humorous aspects of objects "“ and in process-based potentials of sculpture and photography
Venue: La Trobe University Visual Arts Centre
Address: 121 View Street Bendigo Vic 3550
Date: 10 November - 21 December 2016
Call: 03 5441 8724
The term Flimflam refers to a confidence trick or ruse "“ a play with insincerity or nonsense. The exhibition Flimflam is not a collaborative process between the three artists, rather it is imagined as a generative game in the surrealist tradition (a fabulation), combining chance, contrasting intentions with a dose of malicious violence. Sculptural fetish pieces are subjected to a series of performative and humorous 'abuses', inserted into fictitious narratives within imagined or borrowed environments and subjected to slapstick cartoon violence.

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