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Supermarket - Stockholm Independent Art Fair 2018

BY Supermarket Art Team | 13-Mar-2018
Supermarket – Stockholm Independent Art Fair aims to showcase artists’ initiatives from all over the world, and it is an art fair that strives to offer the visitor an experience beyond the traditional exhibition practices of contemporary art fairs.
SUPERMARKET 2018 shows 53 artist-run initiatives from 41 cities around the world during 12–15 April 2018. In total more than 150 artists exhibit. Artist-run spaces from Europe and Scandinavia will be represented alongside initiatives from Georgia, Iran, South Africa, Canada, and the USA.

The overarching theme of SUPERMARKET 2018 is ‘Legacy: Who Will Survive And What Will be Left of Them?’. It discusses the heritage of art and the fleeting nature of human legacy, the issues of sustainability of the artist-run art scene, or the impact that artists have as individuals.

As every year, SUPERMARKET 2018 includes the public programme TALKS & PERFORMANCE, with panel discussions, presentations and performance art. The Professional Networking Participants programme (PNP) also continues with its focus on exchange of knowledge and experience from within the artist-run art scene.