Sunanda Loves Britney : Encore Event feat Special Guests

Published by: Sunanda | 3-May-2022
SUNANDA LOVES BRITNEY smashed at Melbourne International Comedy Festival and earned Sunanda a Best Newcomer Nomination, hence this Queer Bollywood Western encore event with dancers and a DJ at Brunswick Ballroom on May 22.
Venue: Brunswick Ballroom
Address: 315 Sydney Road
Date: May 22, 2022
Time: 5p doors, 5.45p show
Ticket: $33.76 General Admission, $59.26 Premium (reserved seating and meal)
Buy / Ticket:
Call: 0432121339
Sunanda loves Britney. Sunanda has always loved Britney. One might even say that Sunanda is obsessed with Britney, not quite in a leave-Britney-alone-2007-Youtube-Chris-Crocker way (although that was pretty gay) but more in a be-my-life-partner-or-I-will-die-and-seriously-Sunanda-is-so-gay-and-Britney-is-lighting-the-pathway-to-self-realization way.

Who else could a queer Indian kid living in Thailand turn to in the late 90’s for refuge but Britney Spears, the Princess of Pop?

It took Sunanda about a decade to realize that they didn’t want to BE Britney, they wanted to DO Britney and this is where the show begins. What comes next is a shit-storm of family drama, confusion, blonde-girl-addiction and lesbian-ing on a Vespa.

Directed by international powerhouse Candy Bowers.


Sunanda picked up a sweet, sweet Best Newcomer nomination at this year’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival and now they gotta celebrate with an encore performance! Born in New Delhi, this international funny human was raised in Bangkok, Los Angeles and New York… They now find themselves living in Brunswick East and we’re all asking why? Why? Because LOVE happened. They moved here for love. Pre-pandemic, Sunanda performed regularly at the Upright Citizens Brigade and The Groundlings and wrote for the prestigious CBS Diversity Showcase. As a producer, they’ve worked with Broad City and Amy Poehler too. Now, they perform stand up around Melbourne and collab with award-winning groups, PO PO MO CO and The Wholesome Hour. This year they also nabbed an enviable spot at AFTRS Talent Camp and look forward to being funny on the internet and small screen too!

Candy Bowers is an international mischief-maker working across the stage, screen, education and media for over 20 years. She has featured as an actor in a range of Aussie Comedy projects including Tonightly with Tom Ballard, Metrosexual and Get Krack!n. She is currently writing and collaborating on a couple new shows Fresh! (Freemantle), JOY The Musical (Mischief Media), Dirty Thirties (Screen Australia) and CEEBS (TikTok/ Screen Australia). In 2018 she won a Mentor LA fellowship (Screen Australia/ AiF) and worked on Disney’s family sitcom Mixedish. In 2020 she won the AWG/Audible Amazon On Air scripted podcast (comedy) competition and is currently developing her script for television. Candy has written, performed, and directed stand up and music comedy in Australia, Los Angeles, Edinburgh, London and South Africa.

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