Sullivan+Strumpf presents Fictions - a new solo exhibition by Gregory Hodge

Published by: The Fold PR | 23-Sep-2019
One of Asia-Pacific's leading contemporary art galleries, Sullivan+Strumpf is delighted to present Fictions - a new solo exhibition in Sydney by Australian abstract painter, Gregory Hodge, from 27 September to 19 October 2019.
Venue: Sullivan+Strumpf
Address: 799 Elizabeth St Zetland, Sydney NSW 2017 Australia
Date: 27 September - 19 October 2019
Time: 10am - 5pm Tuesday to Saturday
Ticket: Free
Fictions further explores Hodge's interest in the history of painting as he builds on ideas around the process of collage as a form and the re-applying and re-contextualising of materials.

Sullivan+Strumpf, co-founder and director, Joanna Strumpf says the much-anticipated exhibition follows Hodge's largest installation to date, Suspension Painting, which was unveiled at Sydney Contemporary, as part of Installation Contemporary this month.

"Fictions is an exciting evolution in Gregory's work, as new sculptures are presented alongside a series of acrylic paintings on canvas. The sculptures incorporate several elements and motifs seen in the artist's previous paintings, bringing them into a three-dimensional space," said Strumpf.

Large painted cut-outs on aluminium composite panel of gestural marks, folded drapery, painted textiles and sculptural geological forms are clustered together and suspended from the ceiling, appearing to hover in space. The interplay between painting and trompe-l'oeil shadows, combined with actual shadows cast from one cut-out sculptural form to the next, creates a complex and playful contradiction in these works.

Collages based off sculptures from history as well as studio maquettes built in the studio have long been an essential starting point for Hodges illusionistic paintings. A new series of paintings on canvas reference smaller collages that combine negative silhouettes of figurative busts with abstract compositions. The paintings mimic the slight relief of the collage source material as facial features transform into abstract gestures and geological forms.

Hodge continues to work with an ever-expanding abstract visual language, while drawing on the tropes of painterly and sculptural figurative traditions. Paint takes on a chameleon-like quality, seemingly transforming into different materials and playing with depth of field, oscillating between flatness and volume, illusion and three-dimensional sculptural relief.

Fictions is on view at Sullivan+Strumpf Sydney from 27 September to 19 October 2019. Entry is free. For more information, please visit

Exhibition Details
Fictions, 2019
Gregory Hodge
Sullivan+Strumpf Sydney, 799 Elizabeth St, Zetland NSW
27 September - 19 October 2019

Opening event on Friday, 27 September at 6-8pm, including artist talk at 5:30pm.

About Sullivan+Strumpf

Sullivan+Strumpf is one of Asia-Pacific's leading contemporary art galleries, representing the most engaging Australian and international artists of our time. Founded in 2005 by co-directors Ursula Sullivan and Joanna Strumpf, Sullivan+Strumpf has spaces in Sydney and Singapore and represents 38 established and emerging artists and artist estates from across the Asia-Pacific and East Asia. The gallery presents an ambitious program of diverse exhibitions, publications and talks, and an international art fair schedule spanning Australia, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan. Sullivan+Strumpf has proudly helped to foster the careers of some of the most significant contemporary artists in the region and remains dedicated to supporting artists to realise their visions and forge long-term artistic careers.

About Gregory Hodge

Gregory Hodge constructs illusionary abstractions from a mélange of source material including painted abstract motifs on drafting film, coloured paper and masking tape, before rendering these collages in paint. Using complex and systematic technical processes such as trompe-l'oeil, cast shadows and manipulating paints' translucent and opaque qualities, the paintings playfully mimic the physical fragility and provisional nature of the source material.
This visual trickery within the abstract picture space presents the viewer with multiple visual experiences. Surface and materiality become imaginative entry points yielding potential clues as traces of the process are tacitly signalled via the shadows and illusion of collage. Hodge's work exudes a sense of the material presence of painting via a concern with light, colour and surface, while calling to mind the perceptual associations of vision via the illusionistic picture space. The paintings blur the boundaries between two and three dimensionality and playfully explore the space between image and reality, representation and abstraction.
Hodge has participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions within Australia. Recent solo exhibitions include Signs, Sullivan+Strumpf, Sydney (2017); Spectator and the Pit, Sullivan+Strumpf, Singapore (2017); Paintings, Bus Projects, Melbourne (2016); Collages, Sullivan+Strumpf, Sydney (2015); and A Fabled Gesture, Canberra Contemporary Artspace (2015). He also participated in the exhibitions Tricking the eye- contemporary trompe l'oeil, Geelong Gallery, Victoria (2016); Fine Arts March Mostra, British School at Rome, Italy (2015); Mind the Gap, Casula Powerhouse, Sydney (2014); Clean Living, Contemporary Art Space, Tasmania (2012); and Word of Mouth, Canberra Museum and Gallery (2012). Hodge was a finalist in the Geelong Art Prize (2018); Sir John Sulman Prize (2018); Doug Moran National Portrait Prize (2013) and Blake Prize (2013). His work has also been presented in international art fairs including Art Basel Hong Kong(2018); Art Stage Singapore (2017) and Art Stage Jakarta (2016).

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