Strelley and Warralong kids thrive while exploring the power of creativity

Published by: Kayla MacGillivray | 30-Jan-2024
Pencil, charcoal, cane and more makes for an AWESOME residency with some incredible kids!
Strelley and Warralong kids thrive while exploring the power of creativity
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AWESOME Artists Andy Quilty and Fiona Gavino visited Nyamal country to Strelley Community School, the oldest continually operational Independent Aboriginal Community School in Australia. They explored various different artforms with students at both the Strelley and Warralong campus.

Using an open approach, the artists steered clear of fixating on final outcomes, fostering a focus on capacity building and self-confidence among the students. This approach allowed the students to foster their own sense of discovery and nurture their creativity.

The students tried pencil and charcoal drawing and ink and monotype printing techniques, which were new skills that the students had not tried before. They also made sculptures using cane and masking tape, with the younger children making fish and other animals and the older children creating more abstract pieces. The students used these pieces as shadow puppets, where they played with them and the sun, creating different shadows and shapes.

The teachers also got involved, learning these different creative techniques so they can teach them to different students in the future. At the end of the residency, the students and teachers showcased their work for parents and Elders at the Strelley campus, complete with fresh fruit laid out to create an artwork in similar patterns the students had explored at the start of the residency. Warralong students travelled to the Strelley campus so everyone could celebrate together.

The students and teachers were enthusiastic and engaged throughout the residency, and the students had lots of fun while learning about the importance of experimentation and creativity.

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