STEVE LYNCH in U.S. of Eh?!?

Published by: Sirmai Arts Marketing | 23-Aug-2016
Sydney Fringe Comedy Highlight 6-10 September. America is all through the news and Aussies want to know "What is up with that place?" Steve Lynch knows! The weird and wacky reality of life in the USA is squarely in Steve's sights in the popular improv champion's debut solo show at The Factory from 6-10 September. @nicelynchy @sydfringecomedy #FringeComedy
Venue: Fuse Box, Factory Theatre
Address: 105 Victoria Rd Marrickville
Date: Tues 6, Thurs 8 and Sat 10 Sept
Ticket: $10 ($15 on Saturday)
Steve (Scrabble Unscripted, Theatresports) won the Green Card Lottery, took the plunge and lived in the USA for a year from 2015 to 2016. He saw everything he could and "“ like a good improviser - said yes to (almost) everything. In an hour of stand-up, characters, sketches and songs, Steve relives a year of Hollywood, rednecks, reality TV, Texan rodeo and "“ most of all "“ confusion!

"We hear so much about America and everyone wants to know what it's really like," says Steve. "This show reveals the truth: that it's even crazier than you'd think."

Steve has always loved comedy that celebrates the joy of living. U.S. of Eh?!? is all about doing something crazy like moving to another country for no good reason, and sucking the marrow out of life - with no regrets.

"When I moved to America, I was determined to say 'yes' to everything. It was while I was standing on a reality TV show set, unpaid, that I thought: "If I get out of this country alive, it will make a great show'!"

Steve is a Sydney Theatresports legend and Cranston Cup champion "“ most recently playing alongside Olympic diving gold-medalist Matthew Mitcham in Celebrity Theatresports. He's performed at Sydney and Melbourne Comedy Festivals, in multiple impro spin-off shows as well as most recently in regular shows Improv Soap and Def Con 3. He has written for Comedy Inc (Channel 9), Double Take (Channel 7), the AWGIE-winning Wednesday Night Fever and The Glasshouse (ABC). After branching out from Improv into Stand-up in the US, within 3 months he became a regular performer at the Comedy Store in Hollywood. He also kept a hilarious blog about his travels.

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