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Spring has sprung: New Exhibitions at Alternating Current Art Space

BY Kate Wallace | 13-Sep-2017
Alternating Current Art Space is pleased to announce the opening of four new exhibitions by Giordano Biondi, Naomi Bishop, Rebekah Pryor and Melanie Lazarow on 15 September at 6pm. @alternatingcurrentartspace
Beginning in gallery one, Composites by Giordano Biondi provides a link to ‘extinct thoughts and living forms’ through the photographic lens. Wrapping paper, cellophane, fabric, plastic, and string are amongst the materials Biondi draws upon to compose forms reminiscent of organic matter and bacterial manifestations. The images, still as they are, capture ‘a sense of either implosion or explosion of the elements that compose these life forms’ of which are now long gone. Floating in a space emptied of light, these forms echo the ephemeral nature of Biondi’s practice.

Following this, dreamlike scapes create a sense of the fantastical in Eternal Return. Naomi Bishop explores the multi-experiential nature of place via paintings shaped through travel across three continents. As described by Bishop, the works ‘bring together the sheer crystalline force of Finland’s winter daylight, the damp edges of Taipei’s forests the occasional drama of our own dry scrub’s sandpaper heat.’ In gallery two, layers of time, matter, and light result in a depiction of place seemingly out of reach and unknown to the viewer.

Taking place in galleries three and four, Rebekah Pryor pays homage to the maternal and vegetal worlds in Plane + Horizon, in a series of salt and mixed media installation works that respond to the thinking of philosopher Luce Irigaray. Pryor imagines such bodies ‘as territories of love and lament,’ akin to ‘map-like portals and sacred icons.’ Pryor proposes a ‘new cultural horizon that respects difference and remembers the mother and vegetal world.’

Finally, in Comfortable Yet? by Melanie Lazarow, printed cushions take occupancy of the cupboard. Through projection and prints exhibited on fabrics, Lazarow engages in dialogue protesting a ‘new era of enhanced racism, incomprehensible acts of cruelty and environmental negligence.’ The cushion here provides a means to express concern in relation to today’s climate of political ineptitude, in turn asking the viewer the question ‘are you comfortable yet?’

All exhibitions will be open from 15 September to 7 October 2017.