Space Tank Studio will soon be offering FREE Fusion360 licences and training!

Published by: Space Tank Studio | 5-Apr-2016
Space Tank Studio has partnered with Autodesk, the global leader in 3D software to give Australian designer's a leg up in their industry! Space Tank Studio founder, Holger Dielenberg says, "we will be giving free software licences of Fusion360 to our members and free training on Fusion360 to more than fifty people, four times a year right here at Space Tank!"

Why are we doing this?

Here at Space Tank we believe that innovation is key to moving forward with design. This can only happen if the adoption of modern technology is made easy. For a lot of bespoke makers and emerging designers, the divide that separates them from 3D modelling and CNC applications is still too deep and wide.

Now we can help break down this barrier to entry for many creative businesses and designers thanks to Autodesk partnering with us.

Space Tank will be hosting four FREE training events a year on Fusio360, Autodesk's new 3D modelling software designed specifically for product developers. We can accommodate up to fifty people in our space so this represents a huge opportunity to a lot of designers to get a leg up in their industry.

Follow the links to read more about this amazing opportunity for designers and creative businesses and write to us if you would like to be a part of it.

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