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SONOR WINES - Refinement of Wine through Music

BY SONOR WINES | 28-May-2012
SONOR WINES is an invention by Viennese Wine Expert and Musician Markus Bachmann. Sonor Wines is a brand new technology which is using music for the refinement of wine. A special speaker is placed into the tank or barrel to expose the fermenting grape juice to classical, jazz, electronic, pop or rock music.
Copyright: SONOR WINES

This method positively influences the maturing process of the wine and produces a better taste.

The soundwaves activate a biochemical process which as a result produces a wine with less sugar and more taste.

Depending on the music / frequencies used the wine reacts in different ways.

The great thing about this method is that the artists and their music have a direct influence on the taste.

Sonor Wine is creating a whole new level of experience. A combination of taste and music.