Songs of Western Thrace

Published by: Arzu Yuvarlak-Danaher | 4-Sep-2019
Some of Australia's best classical musicians performing with some of Melbourne's most talented Turkish musicians.
Venue: Western Thrace Turkish Association Hall
Address: 103-109 Union Street, Windsor, Victoria
Date: 29-Sep-19
Time: 4pm
Ticket: $44.90
Buy / Ticket:
Call: 466589924
The Western Thrace Turkish Association Australia (WTTAA) of Melbourne is presenting a collaborative event between members of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and Turkish musicians with the purpose of exposing Turkish culture and music to the broader Australian audience.

The concert is curated by the WTTAA's artistic director Arzu Yuvarlak-Danaher and Melbourne Symphony Orchestra (MSO) violinist Roger Young. A unique blend of traditional Turkish music and Western Classical music techniques has been the outcome. The concert will bring some of Roger's MSO colleagues together with some talented Turkish musicians, and is sure to be an entertaining and educational experience.

The concert will include interspersed presentations of song descriptions, traditional meanings and historical context. The Western Thrace region has a long and complex history. It was once a part of the Ottoman Empire, however, today is part of modern-day Greece's eastern territory, bordering western Turkey. Members of the Western Thrace Turkish community are a distinct group of individuals, who have faced many challenges causing many to emigrate to various areas around the world, including Australia.

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