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SOME GIRLS - a beautiful new children's book by Melbourne comedian Nelly Thomas

BY Some Kids Books | 30-Aug-2017
SOME GIRLS, by Melbourne comedian Nelly Thomas. A beautiful and funny early childhood book aimed at challenging out-dated and old fashioned gender and other stereotypes. #somegirls @somekidsbooks
Front cover of SOME GIRLS
Illustrated by Sarah Dunk
Designed by Elena Fambertaux

SOME GIRLS, by Nelly Thomas

"Some girls are good with cars and bikes, Some girls are good with art and kites. Some girls are good with puzzles and maths, And some girls are good with dolls and cats. ALL GIRLS ARE REALLY GOOD AT SOMETHING"

SOME GIRLS is a story about how everyone is different and special in their own way.

It’s about knowing that you can do, and be, anything you want.

Whether your girl likes rough, tough, gentle or pretty things, this book is for her.

She might have short hair, long hair, big hair or strong hair - SOME GIRLS says all girls can look however they want!


Pledge your support for this passion project and pre-order now:

(and yes, there is a SOME BOYS coming - due in 2018)