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Soft-Butch Show Queen at The Butterfly Club

BY Mark J Wilson | 04-Aug-2018
Wilson appears in this new performance artwork. It is the show queen. “He delivers, and his commitment is staggering” - Theatre Press, “Wilson’s ahead of his time” - Out of the Pan, 3CR, “Mark does something with the dialogue no other performers are doing” - Stephan Elliott
Performance artist and independent producer Mark J Wilson (MTC, Welcome to Woop Woop) presents his new performance work Soft-Butch Show Queen, a dissection of gay ‘identity’ on dating apps, a personal narrative about having cancer & contains Krispy Kreme doughnut themes.

"I've got to somehow make my cancer story funny, which it’s not, but you’ve got to laugh”. “As soon as you mention it, the reaction is different, often the first response is pity. You don’t want to live your life with people treating you like a victim”, says Wilson.

Soft-Butch Show Queen is about having fun and laughter. It features popular songs and culture, that helps audiences connect. Wilson appears as a solo performer, he peels back the character layers, inviting the audience to sing-along and play a part in his journey.

Appearing the the Butterfly Club during the MidSumma calendar 2019:

Tuesday 22 January 2019 5:30pm
Wednesday 23 January 2019 7:00pm
Thursday 24 January 2019 7:00pm
Friday 25 January 2019 5:30pm
Saturday 26 January 2019 7:00pm