SNOW GLOBE | Lisa Sewards

Lisa Sewards | 23-Sep-2020
Melbourne based Artists may be feeling they are living in a snow globe under the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions. Melbourne artist Lisa Sewards has taken this into her new body of work that hints of this whimsical object and has created both etchings and sculptures that are both abstract reflections of place and time as well as paying homage to previous bodies of works.
Venue: Queenscliff Gallery
Address: 81 Hesse Street, Queencliff Vic 3225
Call: 0418 514 335
SNOW GLOBE | Lisa Sewards
"Found in the Woods Snow Globe" assembled vintage drop parachute, repurposed wire, copper, metal, glass, museum gel, housed in repurposed demountable glass dome, 30x30x30cm, "The War Pigeon Snow Globe" bronze pigeon and helmet (2kg) finished in silver nitrate patina*, assembled vintage drop parachute and red cross cloth, repurposed wood, museum gel, housed in repurposed demountable glass dome 30x30x30cm * bronze pigeon/helmet casting by Perrin Sculpture Foundry Photo credit: Chris van der Spuy
Sewards recurrent motif of the parachute theme continues to weave through some of her new works on paper and sculptural pieces that are currently on exhibition this month at Queenscliff Gallery. Pictured are two sculptures that capture previous solo exhibitions encasing their individual stories in beautiful repurposed glass domes. The first, references her solo exhibition 'White Parachute' and includes a repurposed wire and copper tree and a small drop parachute, a scene of hope. Titled "Found in the Woods Snow Globe', it is an emotional response to a parachute found by her own Mother whilst in a camp during WWII. The second, 'The War Pigeon Snow Globe' includes her bronze pieces of a juvenile pigeon and its abandoned helmet (referencing the many young pigeons that were lost during military breeding programs); they are assembled with a vintage red cross patch and small bundled drop parachute. Entire narratives live within each dome.

Other works are tondo shaped etchings and recall childhood, a memory or a feeling. Sewards is one of three artists to feature in the Gallery's September focus exhibition alongside those of Megan McPherson and Andrew Weatherhill. The exhibition can be viewed via the Gallery's online virtual software, or in situ if you are a Regional Victoria resident.

The exhibition runs to September 28th.

All enquiries are welcomed by the Gallery Directors.

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