Shipping container given new life in Parnngurr

AWESOME Arts | 17-Nov-2021
Students at Parnngurr Community School worked in collaboration with Western Australian Artists Sete Tele and Nick Zafir to develop a colourful mural with artwork reflecting community stories and identity.
Shipping container given new life in Parnngurr
Parnngurr Creative Challenge mural 2021
AWESOME Artists Sete Tele and Nick Zafir travelled out onto the land of the Martu people to complete a one-week Creative Challenge. This residency was proudly supported by Healthway and the Go for 2 & 5 message.

Students and artists came together daily to brainstorm and discuss their identity and what makes their community unique. Students were encouraged to express themselves and their favourite things through drawing. They used markers, pens, coloured pencils and chalk to explore these ideas.

Midweek the group channelled their creative energy to a visit on the country. Students and artists walked the bush together, observing native flora and fauna and making humpies.

Using their experiences during the week the students developed a vibrant mural with pastel colours and detailed illustrations of Australian wildlife. This mural was planned and executed in only 2 days!

In celebration of all that was achieved a feast of fruits and vegetables was prepared and shared amongst participants and staff involved. Groups got together to talk about the events of the week and reflect on their role in the completion of the artworks.

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