Seymour Nights: Continuum Sax

Kabuku | 7-Jun-2022
Seymour Centre's contemporary music program, Seymour Nights, returns for a second season with live performances from some of the most vibrant voices and ensembles in Australian music. On July 15th, Seymour Nights presents Continuum Sax: On Edge.
Venue: Seymour Centre
Address: Cnr City Rd and Cleveland St, Chippendale NSW 2008
Date: 15 July
Time: 8pm
Ticket: $25-30
Seymour Nights: Continuum Sax
At the threshold of tension, anticipation, trepidation, and release, Continuum Sax present works that explore physical and mental boundaries through the saxophone.

Paul Stanhope’s Ockham’s Razor explores the philosophy of problem solving, arrangements of music by Erwin Schulhoff and Hoagy Carmichael sit on the edge of classical and jazz genres, and new works by Ella Macens and Zoe Gougousidis reflect upon the times we live in.

Continuum Sax are four of Sydney’s finest saxophonists who bring to life a unique repertoire that explores the expressive potential of the saxophone. Continuum Sax develop their repertoire through engagement with leading Australian and international composers, sharing with audiences their appreciation of the instrument and its musical possibilities.

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