Sensory Wonder at College Row School

Published by: Angela Ringuet | 2-Dec-2022
Creative Challenge 2022 visited College Row School in Bunbury to deliver a one-week residency based around sensory artforms.
Sensory Wonder at College Row School
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In term 4 AWESOME Artists Kylie Bywaters and Alex Maciver travelled to Bunbury on Wardandi Country for a one-week residency at College Row School. Inspired by the Creative Challenge 2022 theme of ‘wonder’ they explored sensory artforms, mobile construction and unique forms of drawing and painting. This residency was supported by Healthway with the Go for 2&5 healthy eating message.

AWESOME Artists Kylie and Alex transformed the school recreation room into a multidisciplinary, sensory art space. Students explored abstract visual techniques such as rainbow painting and shadow drawing, inspired by music and the shapes their bodies created when dancing.

They engaged with tactile artforms such as constructing mobiles and ‘happy’ boxes encouraging students to find objects they like to smell, touch and see. Each workshop encouraged working with new creative formats to inspire their artistic talents.

On the final day the students, teachers and members of the community were invited to a school assembly to celebrate the unveiling of the exhibition of the student’s artworks. The exhibition received an immensely positive response and it was a great success by the participants.

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