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BY NOIR Darkroom | 05-Jul-2018
Me, myself and I, the royal we, meme, it's always been me, where am I from? I am from North Meeself. Who am I? A bomb. Whom bomb? A bomb about to go off. But you can't say that these days. Everything is poetry. I am poetry. And pottery, broken and about to be put together by you. @noir_darkroom
The concept behind Abe Dunovits' solo exhibition 'SELFI' is the exploration of the self through everyday photographs, images and videos.

The ironic juxtaposition of a seemingly self-obsessed man who is not actually young or good-looking is the opposite of what the concept of 'SELFI' was supposed to be. This show is the celebration of normality and absurdity; how absurd normality can be and how normal absurdity can be.

It fits into a contemporary format of common everyday expression.

August 8 - 19 at NOIR Darkroom.