Sean Axelrod - Conversations

Published by: Stanley Street Gallery | 17-Aug-2016
Sean Axelrod's work veers between wearable ornament and sculpture. Axelrod alludes to medals and uniforms through color, materials and the arrangement of shapes, but on second glance the dominant imagery is seen to consist of a hidden narrative. Visually, these are interesting rather than pretty assemblages, but their 'meaning' and their symbolism suggest ambiguities that are open to interpretation. @stanleysgallery @stanley_street_gallery #StanleyStreetGallery
Address: 1/52-54 Stanley Street Gallery, Darlinghurst. Sydney.
Date: 10th August - 3rd September
Time: Wednesday - Friday 11- 6pm. Saturday 11am -5pm. Closed on Public holidays.
Ticket: free
Call: 02 9368 1142
In his current exhibition Conversations, Axelrod creates layers of dialogue in his work "“ a dialogue between the body as a landscape and the artwork; and a dialogue within the work, between images, ideas, materials, color and shapes. Axelrod's exhibition creates a stage where conversations are taking place to create a narrative "“ a fragmented conversation, that unifies itself to create a story.

As a jeweler and a sculptor I see my jewellery as a branch of sculpture, a branch that uses a person as a landscape to create a physical, emotional and intellectual dialogue. This creative space offers an opportunity for a intimate conversation with another person through the artwork.

I see my work as a form of story-telling, creating a stage, where symbolism and metaphor create conversations. Images, colors, materials and form convey a dialogue that creates a narrative within the work and a connection to the person that is wearing my jewelery.

The jewellery works I currently create explore four aspects of jewellery: The sculptural aspect of creating a wearable object as form, colors, material and surfaces; the manifestation of the relationship between an object and the wearer, in the physical sense and as an emotional and conceptual dialogue; questioning the relationship of the jewellery I create, to the historical tradition of jewellery as a wearable, precious object; and how I translate my aesthetics and conceptual values to physical works of art. These four aspects inform the making of my jewellery and the values I cherish in making art, from a subjective, personal point of view.

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