Published by: Danae Effern | 21-Sep-2016
You probably know the story by now. Melbourne's punk rock powerhouse Poison City Records coaxed Brisbane indie mainstays. Screamfeeder back into the nation's consciousness in 2014 and 2015 by re-releasing their first five classic albums on vinyl. #screamfeeder
The band then toured and realised that this was something they needed to be doing on a more permanent basis, and decided to write some new tunes for the hell of it.

Late 2015 saw the release of the band's first new song in 10 years, Alone In A Crowd, an instantly recognisable Kellie-led pop gem, complete with the band's trademark twists and turns, tight-as arrangement and killer hooks.

June 2016 and the second single All Over It Again was out - a 90s-style grunge pop nugget in the mould of Dinosaur Jr or early Buffalo Tom.

Aiming for a new album in the can by the end of the year Screamfeeder began writing and rehearsing, banging out new songs in quick succession, exactly as they did for their 90s classics Kitten Licks and Burn Out Your Name.

Single #3 is Karen Trust Me, a Tim song about that kid at school who got out of trouble by pretending to pass out, and all the girls thought he was kinda weird and cool. Echoes of the band's 1996 classic Static can be heard in the melodies and parts of this killer new song.

The 90s are back. The world's stages are full of bands cashing in on their former glories, but only a few are actually picking up the burning torch from right where they left it and creating new art with the old brush.

It's good to hear the musical styles of Tim Steward and Kellie Lloyd again, and the strange magic they brew up when they sit and strum guitars together.

It's good to be the old guys singing young man blues. It's a good time to get back to basics and crank the amps. It's good to be alive.


3rd Nov - Melbourne - The John Curtin Hotel
4th Nov - Sydney - Brighton Up Bar
10th Nov - Adelaide - The Crown and Anchor
11th Nov - Perth - Badlands
25th Nov - Brisbane - The Zoo

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