School values inspire sculpture and puppetry

Published by: Angela Ringuet | 2-Dec-2022
Creative Challenge 2022 delivered a residency at East Kalgoorlie Primary School with workshops based around the theme of ‘wonder’ and school values.
School values inspire sculpture and puppetry
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Students making sculpture masks
AWESOME artists Charlotte & Kero O’Shea travelled to Kalgoorlie on Wangkatha

Country for a two-week Creative Challenge residency at East-Kalgoorlie Primary School. Students experimented with a wide variety of sculpture work including wearable art and puppets. This residency was proudly supported by BHP.

The young artists participated in two separate groups and were encouraged to ‘wonder’ about their school values to enrich their artistic abilities. The year 4, 5 and 6 students explored working with recycled materials and paper collage which developed into final pieces of unique masks and helmets.

The year 2 and 3 students experimented with papier mâché and fabrics to create pieces 3D sculptures and puppets inspired by the environment. All students expressed freedom in working with new, exciting artforms and were proud to build on their existing artistic skills.

A school assembly was called at the end of the residency to celebrate the students works. The young artists also participated in a short documentary film which showcased the creative process and their inspiration and interpretation of their school values!

Making the bug was great – participant, age 8
I liked decorating the puppet – participant , age 8
My favourite thing was making the helmet– participant, age 12
It was good to make and create something new– participant, age 10

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