Savour Labour

Published by: The Cross Art Projects | 22-Apr-2021
Savour Labour is a new, multi-perspectival spatial environment or Hebi-tat by the artist Gary Carsley and the architect Renjie Teoh.
Venue: The Cross Art Projects
Address: 8 Llankelly Place, Kings Cross 2011
Date: 1 May to 5 June 2021
Call: (02) 9357 2058
Developed principally around the historical collection of the relics of the rituals and ceremonies of organised labour, held by Trades Hall in Sydney. Savour Labour also includes several of the Arthitect's new sculptures and a shaped draguetteotype as reference points for their object specific spatial illusion.

Savour Labour is accompanied by a soundscape from composer Louise Loh and a plurality of contextualising wall notes by writer, broadcaster and sound artist Daniel Browning and, the fanners of the flames of intergenerational memory, Bill Pirie and Neale Towart. The embedded bricklaying pattern was set out by the bricklaying firm of Favetti Pty Ltd whose celebrated work on Frank Gehery's Chau Chak Wing Building has meaningfully contributed to the quality of Sydney's built environment.

Savour Labour continues the Arthitect's commitment to collaboration as a way to build new communities and to ceremony and ritual as unpoliced sites of resistance to the inequalities produced by the transactional economy. The Arthitect's large scale, photocopy based Hebi-tats are worth a look, not least because as sights of enactment rather than representational gestures, they pervert the correlation of spectacle with material privilege.

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