Saturnalia Festival in Marzieh Bagheri Solo Exhibition

Published by: Biafarin Inc. | 24-Nov-2018
Dinner, TehranParis; a solo painting exhibition by Marzieh Bagheri is inspired by Saturnalia (Keyvan Festival). Saturnalia or as Iranian calls it, Keyvan Festival; serves the same role in Roman and Iranian ancient culture.
Venue: Ace Gallery
Date: 23 to 30 November 2018
Time: 16:00 to 20:00
Ticket: Free
Mr. Eisa Jabari, art instructor and curator of Dinner, TehranParis in Ace Gallery in a note for this exhibition wrote: Our feasts are not held for a special occasion anymore. They happen with no purpose and just with an extreme motivation of happiness. It is not easy to recognize where the feast is held, who is the host, which culture does it belong to, in which geography the event is going to end (Tehran, Paris), and these things have lost their importance too. What propels the feast is just rejoicing, even if it has no desirable ending, like Saturnalia (Keyvan celebration). Rejoicing or escaping the self and taking shelter in the moments lasting for a short time are tranquillizers that soothe our self-made pains and philosophical despairs a little.

Marzieh Bagheri, by looking at this occasion in her works tries to put the guest's action and her sorrow of the after party on the table for us; the incurable loneliness, self-remorse and isolation. Different gatherings try to prescribe and inject a good and permanent feeling, but it ends to deepening our challenges more.The colorful shades, accumulation, layering and mass of her works represents the psychological approach of the artist to the subject.

This is Marzieh's first solo exhibition and we are following her art career with excitement, looking for more conceptual art projects by this young artist in future.

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