Samoa mo Samoa

Published by: Musicians 4 Hearing | 20-Apr-2016
Funding hearing care in the developing world through music.
Musicians for Hearing are proud to announce the first in a collection of musical stories from around the world. We are extremely privileged to have Samoan ethnomusicologist, Rita Seumanutafa, talk to us on the rich heritage of Samoa's musical history before leading The Melbourne Samoan Choir in an intimate performance sure to send you tingling.

This event is a rare treat that will first educate you in the wonder Samoan music, before bringing it all to life.

All proceeds towards our continued efforts to fund hearing care in the developing world. Part proceeds of this event will go direct to SENESE Inclusive Education's sign-language program, training Sign Language Interpreters in Samoa so that every child has a place in the classroom.

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