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Saga Saga • Heidi Lefebvre • Closing Event

BY Interlude Gallery | 08-Jul-2017
Closing event feast for solo exhibition 'SAGA SAGA The Vision Quest' by Canberra based artist Heidi Lefebvre at Interlude Gallery.
We welcome you again to one of our ritualistic closing feasts, which so far has been a culinary surprise to many, including us! The artist is asked to cook something for to the public as a way to engage the audience as the subject of the artistic experience*

Event: Saturday 15th July 3-5pm ~ Drinks by gold coin donation

For this particular closing event of 'SAGA SAGA The Vision Quest' Heidi Lefebvre invites you to bring a small object to contribute to a time capsule of the everyday. An act to give importance and legacy to items, ideas (you are welcome to bring a poem, list, drawing, treasure, things that we often overlook) to include in the capsule. It will then be buried in a park down just the road. We will leave the gallery and walk together around 4.30pm.

Lefebvre is interested in the historical narratives of our actions. Most of our practices have a long, rich and ancient history. Fascinated by the way art expresses the ancient and modern side by side, SAGA SAGA is a story in the diachronic process of art.

Beginning with drawings, just as our ancestors did, Lefebvre expands her practice to three-dimensional works in her modern expression of these ancient art forms. Lefebvre goes on a quest through the history of time, exposing the material importance in the making of the object, aware of the historical context of explored themes and the artist who made them.

‘SAGA SAGA- The Vision Quest’ is part one of a two part series. The series speaks of the huge history of human experience and our need to record our ideas and theories. Born from a visit to the Caverne du Pont D’Arc in the Rhone-Alps region of France, the exhibition recreates the impression of the recreated caves Lefebvre was guided through in a small group of visitors. In SAGA SAGA, Lefebvre leaves her own impression – a mark that is proof of our existence from cave drawings to the modern day.

For more info please visit www.interludegallery.com
*Nicholas Borriuad , Relational Aesthetics, 1998