Russian Contemporary Art Original Exhibition in Cafe Cavalier, Helsinki kostya goldtv: dandy - spring 1.04.2016 - 29.06.2016

Published by: Simon Nelsson | 15-Mar-2016
I am kostya goldtv from St Petersburg/Ru. I have always loved the poetry of the Silver Age in Russian literature. I am especially fond of a group of poets that called themselves acmeists. They were concise, elegant and indi¬erent of political and social squabbles. They were indie and dandy for life. The predecessor to their style, according to Anna Akhmatova and Osip Mandelstam, was the poet and Mikhail Kuzmin. I want to dedicate my little exposure to him and this fragment of his Alexandrian Songs (1906-22, from 7th song). If I was a great sage, I spent all my money, abandoned places and occupations, I am guarding other people's gardens - and would be the liberator of all who live in Egypt.
Venue: Cafe-Bar "Cavalier", Helsinki / Finland
Address: Malminrinne 2-4, 00100 Helsinki
Date: 01.04 - 29.06.2016
Time: 8 p.m.
Ticket: Free
Call: +358 9 35401536

kostya goldtv: dandy - spring

01.04.2016 - 29.06.2016

Poet and composer Mikhail Kuzmin (1872-1936) wrote the rst coming-out novel in modern literature with an optimistic ending. His Kryl´ia ("Wings"), published in St Petersburg in 1906, embedded the theme of same-sex love in Russian culture in an unapologetically a rmative key.

CV of kostya goldtv

I started my artistic activity in the 1980´s, in the era of perestroika. In 1986 I was managing an author-play performance called "Cinema poets" in the art centre "Red October".

I made friends with a group of underground lmmakers and artists called "Necrorealists" and wrote lyrics for a rock band "The Strange Games". After that I became a part of the movement "New Artists". From 1987-92 I participated in the groups collective exhibitions and made my rst short lm "Followers of Olof".

After many projects my rst individual lm "The Stupid Lips" was immediately forbidden by the authorities.

In the 90s, in the era of the birth of Internet, I became a member of the international art movement "New Media" and became the creator of Web-art. Since that time, I have been also an international street artist.

"In contemporary art there is no rules. It´s a new confession. Modern human is wearing fashion as an armour, for protection. Design is our pleasure, but contemporary art is our new religion. I can do all in life, but everything I do is art." kostya goldtv, 2016

Recent exhibitions:

2010 The State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg
2011 The Museum of Catalan Art, Barcelona
2011 Hermitage, St. Petersburg
2012 Louvre, Paris
2015 Biennale 56, Venice
2015 Vertical, St. Petersburg
2016 Cafe Cavalier, Helsinki

Online: Saatchi Art Gallery.
Most of my works are in private collections around the world.

Information: | Pekka Saukkonen | Pasi Hytti, +358 50 555 6173

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