Robin Boyd, a portrait of an Australian house

Published by: Monash Gallery of Art | 22-May-2019
Lauren Bamford | Lydia Wegner | Mark Strizic. Exhibition: 25 May - 14 July 2019. Opening event: Saturday 25 May 2019. This exhibition is part of the 2019 Robin Boyd: Centenary of Design, a festival coordinated by the Robin Boyd Foundation across multiple venues in Victoria.
Venue: Monash Gallery of Art
Address: 860 Ferntree Gully Road Wheelers Hill VIC
Date: 25 May - 14 July 2019
Ticket: Free entry
Call: 03 8544 0500
Robin Boyd CBE (1919-71) is arguably the most influential architect there has been in Australia. In celebration of a centenary of his design, MGA will exhibit a dynamic double act of historic and contemporary photography.

The gallery has commissioned two artists, Lauren Bamford and Lydia Wegner, to visit one Boyd house and photograph it in their own style, offering an unorthodox and contemporary view of this iconic Australian architecture. A portion of this work will enter the MGA Collection.

This newly commissioned work will be accompanied by historic photographs of Boyd's architecture by Mark Strizic, who documented a plethora of Boyd's designs, shaping the way in which the Australian public has come to know and understand the architect's work.

'As two early-career artists, Lauren Bamford and Lydia Wegner approach the subject of a Boyd house with very different lenses, bringing an energising and intensely new way of seeing this now classic architecture - which was iconoclastic in its day. Wegner brings an eye of abstraction to elicit something unexpected from the familiar architecture, while Bamford masterfully draws out the spirit and joy of a space as a living thing. This newly commissioned work, together with a fabulous swathe of vintage prints of Boyd homes, aims to show just how many ways there are to see and occupy a Boyd house.' - Pippa Milne, Senior Curator, Monash Gallery of Art

Robin Boyd was a renowned architect, author, critic, and public educator in the 50s and 60s. His outspoken position on 'Australian identity', and his visionary capacity in urban design made him a leader in Melbourne's modern architecture movement. The essence of his urban design was that of 'doing a lot better with less'. Of the 100-or-so houses that he designed during his lamentably short career, many still stand and are treasured by occupants and admirers. Boyd's capacity to capture the needs and wants of a family within his designs, was both legendary and enduring and have translated almost seamlessly across generations of occupants.

'Robin Boyd sought to completely reimagine the modern family home. He asked Australians to extend their thinking and their expectations for what a home might look and feel like.'
- Pippa Milne, Senior Curator, Monash Gallery of Art

MGA presents this exhibition alongside many other institutions as part of the festival coordinated by the Robin Boyd Foundation - Robin Boyd: Centenary of Design. MGA would also like to acknowledge the support of Nord Modern.

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