Riverside Theatres Digital PANCHA NADAI by Lingalayam

Published by: Riverside Theatres Parramatta | 14-Sep-2020
Australian dance company Lingalayam presents a selection of items conceived on the Pancha Nadais, directed by legendary guru “ dancer, choreographer, and teacher “ Anandavalli. Pancha (meaning five) and Nadais (meaning rhythmic syllables)
Venue: Riverside Theatres Digital
Date: Sunday September 20th
Time: 5pm
Ticket: Starting at $12
Buy / Ticket: https://riversideparramatta.com.au/show/panchanadai/
Web: https://riversideparramatta.com.au/show/panchanadai/
: https://www.facebook.com/events/299061504528208/
In the tradition of classical Indian music and dance of South India, the five basic rhythmical sequences in the beats of three (tisram), four (chatusram), five (khandam), seven (misram) and nine (sankeernam) are the basic principles in formulating a rhythmical configuration.

These set beat patterns, referred to as the pancha nadais within a given cycle of rhythm, are used to create countless combinations of rhythmical configurations.

Presenting four pieces based on the Pancha Nadais “ from the traditional form to the contemporary.

How You Can Access
Filmed at Riverside Theatres and streaming into your home. This concert will be available once only on YouTube. This concert is a digital streaming experience, and will not be available to view online after the event.

Choose What You Pay Tickets
There are a number of payment choices for this concert. Please choose the one that best suits how much you can support this event. Ticket prices start at $12 and you can select your price from the dropdown box or enter your own amount. (Please note there is no transaction fee for this concert.)

You are welcome to share and watch the concert as a group or couple. But if you are going to share the online version with your family or a group in your household, please consider that when choosing your price.

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