Revolving Panels

Published by: Just Another Agency | 25-Feb-2020
Revolver Upstairs and Just Another Agency present Revolving Panels', a collection of artist's panels taken straight from the walls of Revolver's downstairs oasis, Smokers Paradise.
Here for a good time and not a long time, these walls have been graced by some of the best local, national and international artists for a decade. Each panel is a single section, lovingly selected from the artists mural, a lone memory of hazy nights gone by. If these walls could talk, imagine what secrets they'd tell!

Smokers Paradise is a haven for Melbourne's late night party animals, but the loss of Australian Wildlife has been devastating and they need all the help we can give. All funds raised from the Revolving Panels' online charity auction will go to Wildlife Victoria, Australia's largest wildlife rescue organisation so they can continue to help our precious little pals.

Featuring panels by artists Kaff-eine, Ling, Poise, Jack Douglas, Pierre Lloga, Unwell Bunny, Clare Brady, Ruskidd, Gigi Gordes and Sugar! All panels will be on display at the Just Another Project Space and Revolver from the February 10-29th during the auction for your viewing pleasure.

So possums, let's show our support by digging deep to help our furry friends and nab yourself a slice of paradise from one of Melbourne's most iconic late night legends!

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