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Revered local music photographer Zo Damage wins ‘Outstanding Achievement Award’ and opens pop-up shop ‘See The Sound’ 

BY Sarah Guppy - This Much Talent | 05-Dec-2017
Zo Damage wins ‘Outstanding Achievement Award’ and opens pop-up shop ‘See The Sound’ for summer in the heart of Melbourne’s Queen Vic Market.
Melbourne music lover and award-winning photographer Zo Damage is setting up camp at The Queen Victoria Market this summer, offering an incredible assortment of photographs, and gifts to the general public just in time for the silly season. Music and art lovers alike will be spoilt for choice at the ‘See The Sound’ shop with limited edition prints, framed photographs, and mugs all up for grabs showcasing Zo’s original live music photography of some of the country’s most beloved artists, venues and festivals.

Now open, Zo’s ‘See The Sound’ store has kicked off with the theme ‘Fan Faves’ for the month of December with plenty of low-hanging fruit prime for the picking, including the aptly named ‘Damaged Damage’ works from previous exhibitions at discounted prices in multiple sizes.

The limited edition ceramic mugs feature photographs scanned from the original negative as well as a separate 2x3’’ print created from the original negative in the

Dig for gold and enjoy free local postage on all non-framed prints on request, plus flat rate international shipping for overseas visitors to, or simply take away a gift-wrapped favourite on the day.

Known for capturing the raw strength of our thriving local scene and beyond, in all its loud and sweaty glory Zo Damage’s trademark low-light black and whites have earned her rave reviews and unending recognition from bands, fans and everyone in between for over a decade now. The pinnacle of her work undeniably lays in her most recent and impressive endeavour to date – the 365 Day Live Music Photography Project and book The Damage Report whereby she photographed a band or more a day for an entire year, wrapping it up with a sold-out exhibition and book launch at Arts Centre Melbourne. A project on such a magnitude scale could not go un-noticed and Zo recently received an Outstanding Achievement Award at this year’s Age Music Victoria Awards for the yearlong project.

So be sure to get down to the Zo’s new home for ‘Fan Faves’ in December and ‘Drummers’ themed works in January to snatch up the perfect gift for any die-hard music fan.