Published by: Virginie Burnet - L'art en plus | 17-Feb-2016
Emerige, French real-estate group and management specialist in urban operations, has recently been named winner of the Call for Innovative Projects for the Morland property complex (Paris, 4th district). This Call is part of a competition called «Re-inventing Paris» launched by the City Hall at the end of 2014. @Emerige
Emerige represents the Société Parisienne du Nouvel Arsenal (SPNA), a company created specifically for the «Morland Mixité Capitale» project which represents a total surface area of 43,692 m. and intends to achieve the following major goals: the opening to the public and the place of culture, combined uses, an architecture that transforms while respecting the building, technological innovation and eco-responsibility, creation of a generous green lug in the center of Paris.

«Morland Mixité Capitale» project (to be finished in 2020) is designed with the David Chipperfield Architects agency. It incorporates an important artistic intervention by Olafur Eliasson (working within Studio Other Spaces), located on the 15th and 16th floors of the tower block. The project also includes the «Paris Art Lab», an artistic programme developed with Marc-Olivier Wahler, director and co-founder of the Paris-based Chalet Society.

«Morland Mixité Capitale» intends to be a real living space open to Parisians and will combine a number of different uses: accomodation (incorporating social housing, intermediate housing and home ownership units), youth hostel, hotel, local shops, food market, fitness centre/swimming pool, offices, a day care centre, urban farming and gardens combining recreational, agricultural and landscaping functions.


Emerige is a key player of the real estate in France. Specialized in restructuring buildings, Emerige proposes a global esthetic universe going from architecture to object.

Laurent Dumas, president and founder of Emerige, is an art-collector and a militant patron, close to the artists. He commits his company in innovative and long-lasting actions of patronage in favour of contemporary art, especially in French creation.

Thanks to the Emerige Endowment Fund, he encourages the emergence and the promotion of young artists, supports exhibitions and institutions.

Emerige also carries a global creation project which federates different talents: architects, designers, artists"¦ The company promotes art in the city through strong gestures connected to its large-scale real estate projects and opened to a large public. Emerige appears among the founding companies of the charter called «A building, an artwork» launched by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication in December 2015.

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