Reflex - The future of our creative community

Published by: Geelong Arts Centre | 16-Oct-2019
Coinciding with the opening of the Geelong Arts Centre's ambitious $38.5m Ryrie Street Redevelopment, and presented in partnership with Deakin University, Reflex - The Future of Our Creative Community explores the interconnectivity between artist, infrastructure and community partnership to promote and encourage excellence, innovation and cultural leadership within the creative industries.
Valuing the artist as a vital partner in building the cultural vibrancy of city life, this timely symposium celebrates the future of our clever and creative community and city region.

Keynote speakers, Dr Betty Sargeant and Dr Megan Beckwith, are joined by representatives from Geelong's cultural precinct, leading artists and academics from Deakin University, to explore how and why we must remain responsive to changes in technology, community, innovation and arts practice.

A must attend event for all creatives, including artists, designers, writers, organisations and companies whose work contributes to the field of contemporary visual and performing arts, technology, design, and arts facilitation practice.

Keynote Speakers

Dr Betty Sargeant | Media & Installation Arts

Dr Betty Sargeant is an award-winning media artist. She places audiences in the centre of multi-sensory installation experiences. Betty is co-creative director of PluginHUMAN, an Australian art-technology duo. She has exhibited her work in Asia, Europe, North America and Australia.

Betty was a finalist in the Contemporary Art Award 2019, she won a Good Design Award in 2018 and a Victorian Premier's Design Award in 2017. She is currently creator-in-residence at the Exertion Games Lab through RMIT University, Australia. In 2016, Betty was the Melbourne Knowledge Fellow, creator-in-residence at the Asia Culture Centre in South Korea from 2016 to 2017. Betty's PhD was ranked top three at the CHASS Prize 2015.

Dr Megan Beckwith | Movement, Technology & Animation

Megan Beckwith combines live performance and multi-media to develop works that explore the relationship between the physical & virtual. She investigates this relationship by combining contemporary dance and 3D animation in a choreographic process that layers one over the other, re-working the human figure into new forms that both fascinate and horrify. Her practice explores the idea of physicality and technology through the figure of the cyborg and augmented reality. Her current work asks: how does the body react within a distorted reality and how does virtual reality affect emotions through the use of stereoscopic 3D illusions.

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