Redefining the idiom: Impermanence trio to premiere new music

Published by: Diana Wolfe (for Bianca Gannon) | 24-Jun-2020
NOTE: The live show has been cancelled due to COVID. with // without is the mesmerising new offering from Australia's rising stars of improvised music, Impermanence. The Melbourne trio will launch with // without, a double album, with two live-streamed Listening Parties and a live concert at Jazzlab.
Venue: The Jazzlab
Address: 27 Leslie St, Brunswick, Melbourne, Victoria 3056
Date: Tuesday 4 August 2020
Time: 8pm (doors 7:30pm)
Ticket: $20 / $15
Buy / Ticket:
Described as one of Australia's rising stars, where jazz meets sound art, Impermanence are a Melbourne-based improvising music trio who traverse form and genre. with // without captures their cinematic and evocative sound, coalescing ancient and futuristic with tradition and invention through their unique instrumentation:

* simultaneous piano + mixed Indonesian gamelan (Bianca Gannon)
* double bass + bass guitar (Josh Holt)
* trumpet + augmented trumpet (Elliott Hughes)

Their seemingly through-composed long-form free improvisations incorporate neo-classical and jazz references with ritualistic rhythms and a glitchy new music edge. Ethereal lyricism layered with pulsating difference tones, unique timbres, orchestral textures and extended harmonies resonate in an expansive timelessness.

Elliott Hughes' invention, the Augmented Trumpet, incorporates a 3D-printed motion-sensor that uses the normal movement of the trumpet's valves to control and synchronise the electronics with the acoustic sound. The resulting sounds are captivating.

Gamelan specialist Gannon performs simultaneous piano with gamelan (Balinese pitched percussion instruments with beating difference-tones that create an otherworldly warbling effect).

with // without is supported by the City of Melbourne COVID-19 Arts Grants.

Impermanence With // without' Album Launch
WHO: Bianca Gannon simultaneous piano + mixed Indonesian gamelan
Josh Holt double bass + bass guitar
Elliott Hughes trumpet + augmented trumpet

WHAT: with // without double CD, improvised and recorded at Newmarket Studios, February 2019. Disc 1 includes electronic components (Augmented trumpet and bass guitar) and Disc 2 is acoustic.
Cost: Digital $12, CD $25

ONLINE EVENTS: with // without Listening Party Disc 1: Sun 28 June 2020 8pm
with // without Listening Party Disc 2: Mon 29 June 2020 8pm
Duration: 1hour
Tickets: Free

LIVE: Impermanence with // without CD Launch
Date: Tues 4 August 2020 8pm (doors 7:30pm)
Venue: The Jazzlab
27 Leslie St, Brunswick, Melbourne, Victoria 3056
Duration: 1 hour 30 mins (incl. interval)
Support: Adam King (solo drum kit augmented with Balinese gongs, cymbals)
Tickets: $20 / $15
Booking URL:

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