Ralph Rogers: Byamee, Brewarrina

Published by: PBP | 21-Apr-2019
Byamee is responsible for all things related to my Country; he is the creator of our fish traps and gave life to the rivers and to all the seeds of life.' - Ralph Rogers, Baranbinja
Venue: Deakin University Downtown Gallery
Address: Level 12, Tower 2 Collins Square, 727 Collins St, Docklands
Date: 8th April - 17th May
Time: Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm
Ticket: Free
Web: https://thetorch.org.au/exhibition/ralph-rogers-byamee-brewarrina/
EMail: info@thetorch.org.au
Call: (03) 9042 1236
Baranbinja artist Ralph Rogers, explores his cultural and ancestral connections to Brewarrina and the history of acqua culture associated with the area. Stories about the creator Byamee, which are central to the kinship of the Baranbinja and Ngemba people of North West New South Wales, are deeply and vibrantly expressed.

Ralph Rogers is an artist supported by The Torch's Indigenous Arts In Prison and Community Program. The Torch supports Indigenous men and women both in prisons and post-release in Victoria to explore their Indigenous culture and identity through practising art.

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