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"Urban Diversity" - a photographic journey through Tel Aviv

BY SP | 08-Dec-2014
German photographer Stefanie Pietschmann presents the results of a seven months lasting project called - Urban Diversity. The outcome is a fascinating, subjective inner view of amazing Tel Aviv and its inhabitants.
"Urban Diversity" online
Urban space is spirited and diffuse, it is constantly changing and therefore changes the cityscape. However, the buildings’ stories often remain untold. Since they can only be found behind stone or concrete walls they remain with the people who give the buildings a face and fill them with life. Who lives where, why and how? 

“Urban Diversity” is a portrait of 19 Tel-Avivians, their flats and houses. It provides an inside view of the metropole beside mediterranean sea. After the project was shown in an exhibition at Maze9 in Tel Aviv, the journey through the “Urban Diversity” is now also online available.