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"The Third Ship" - Complete Sci-Fi Online Novel

BY The Third Ship | 19-Dec-2014
The Third Ship is a unique online Sci-Fi novel based on latest astronomical and astrophysical science; it follows the crew of the interstellar spacecraft 'Coriolis' on their 27-year long journey to a distant Earth-like exoplanet. www.thethirdship.com. Written and presented by Australian author M. Olenjin.
In the second half of the 21st century mankind is thrilled by the discovery of 'space currents', stretched deformities in the space-time continuum caused by the expansion of the Universe, which make travel to other solar systems possible. 

 The government of the North American Commonwealth starts a program of sending spacecraft to Gliese 3A, one of the nearest and most promising exoplanets. Even with using the current, however, the journey still lasts for decades and takes a heavy psychological toll on the crew. 

The first two missions to Gliese, one scientific and one military, cut their contact to Earth even before reaching the current. Amid public disappointment, the flamboyant industrialist R. C. Fawler decides to privately fund the third expedition and succeed where the first two have failed. He personally picks the crew for the third ship, followed by the criteria only known to him.