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"The space in between two extremes"

BY Libby Oldham - Director | 17-Oct-2012
Fabulous and exciting works from a new and emerging young artist!
"Inferno" 1.2 m x 1.2 m Acrylic, ink and mixed media on canvas

Laura Holland is a young and emerging artist.  Since beginning painting at age 10, she has been practicing and refining her skills for the past 12 years. Now working on numerous exhibitions per year, Laura is gaining recognition for her diverse range of creativity and skill. Ranging from photo-realism in pencil and oils, to large scale abstract and mixed media work, Laura recognises there is an audience for both styles of her work.

"I love watching people view my work, whether they are taken by the intensity of my large works, or intrigued by the detail in my drawings, the reactions are always different."   

  ‘The Space Between Two Extremes’, is a show about the merging of two styles of Laura’s work. An experiment of combining the structure of traditional oils and realism with the fluidity of her large scale ink and mixed media works. An explosion of colour and a vivid dance between mediums on a canvas dance floor.