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"The Gleaners' Archive" Curated by Verity Hayward (Front Gallery) and "& OR." Curated by Dale Nason (Rear Gallery) at D11@ Docklands

BY D11@Docklands Artist Led Space | 23-Oct-2014
"The Gleaners' Archive" Curated by Verity Hayward (Front Gallery) and "& OR." Curated by Dale Nason (Rear Gallery). Opening event: Saturday 1 November, 5 - 8pm. 1 - 15 November / WED - SUN 12 - 5PM
Venue: D11@Docklands
Address: shop 3/427, Docklands Drive, Docklands, Melbourne, 3008
Date: Opening event: Saturday 1 November - Exhibition - 1 - 15 November WED - SUN
Time: 1 - 15 November WED - SUN
Ticket: Its free so come one down!
Web: http://d11artists.wix.com/d11-ari
: https://www.facebook.com/events/1480581242215602/
EMail: d11artists@gmail.com​
Call: 0452612150
Opening event: Saturday 1 November, 5 - 8pm 1 - 15 November WED - SUN 12 - 5PM 

 The Gleaners’ Archive Curated by Verity Hayward Front Gallery Featuring: Hannah Evans Carly Fischer Carolyn Hawkins Adriane Hayward Dominic Kavanagh Melanie Upton The Gleaners’ Archive presents the work of six artists who explore ideas of consumption, excess and the discarded through a process of collecting and gathering objects, giving them new life and value. Each artist explores the life cycle of objects from our consumer culture—from growth to decay and back again. Items that are unwanted, discarded, left behind are gleaned and re-imagined, an archaeology that presents a picture of our culture and relationship with what we consume, what we throw away, and what we re-create. & OR. Curated by Dale Nason Rear Gallery & OR. An ampersand (&) is a typographic ligature. It is a ligature of the letters E and T. The letters O and R do not usually appear in ligature form. 

They form the word Or. Do we want a ligature for OR? 'AND' is more common than 'OR' as a word. But the ligature '&' is less common than 'OR'. What else does this proposition made of two conjunctions mean, or offer? &/Or &, or? "And loving it." "Or else." Approximately 40 creatives give their graphic response. 

 *** The opening night will comprise LIVE actions including: - the act of tattooing scribbles on people (permanent tattoos) - letterpress printing on a small proofing press About D11 D11@Docklands is an artist-led exhibition space that features curated exhibitions that support an interdisciplinary approach to contemporary art practice. 

We offer a space where artists are encouraged to create and exhibit works of art outside their traditional media, to actively pursue collaborations and to extend their practice. Commissioned by the City of Melbourne, MAB Corporation and Places Victoria, Docklands Spaces is a pilot initiative by Renew Australia to activate some of the currently underutilised spaces in Docklands through incubating short-term uses by creative enterprises and independent local initiatives. We are proud to have been chosen as one of the selected participants. The key people operating D11@Docklands are Beka Hannah, Caitlin Telford and Leonie Connellan.