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"La Danza"

BY ArtNews | 24-Aug-2015
La Danza - In English Dance from mini album Le Danze Elicoidali in English The Helicoidal Dances. The Helicoidal Dances is musical and visual representation of the light. interpreted as the essence that crosses the space and in its path creates volumes and suggestions

Katya Sanna CD+ebook "Le Danze Elicoidali"
"La Danza" (from CD "Le Danze Elicoidali" 2015)
- LE DANZE ELICOIDALI Musica & Ebook: final chapter of "Trilogia delle Stelle"
formed by "La Via Delle Stelle", "Storia di uomini di donne e di sogni", "Le Danze Elicoidali" - CD Free streaming: katyasanna.bandcamp.com/album/le-danze-elicoidali
- Ebook free download