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"in.ter.face" & "DENAILING WOOD, FLASHING BROWN EYES & SILICA" Exhibitions at D11@Docklands Artist Led Space

BY D11@Docklands Artist Led Space | 21-Jul-2014
in.ter.face & DENAILING WOOD, FLASHING BROWN EYES & SILICA - Exhibitions at D11@Docklands Artist Led Space. OPENING SATURDAY 26 JULY 5-8pm. EXHIBITION 26 JULY - 9 AUGUST. WED - SUN 1 - 5PM. @d11ari #D11-at-Docklands

"in.ter.face" Group Exhibition Presented by Coalesce ARI Curated by Caitlin Telford (Front gallery) Image Matto LUCAS "DENAILING WOOD, FLASHING BROWN EYES & SILICA" Dale NASON (Rear Gallery) Image Dale NASON OPENING SATURDAY 26 JULY 5-8pm EXHIBITION 26 JULY - 9 AUGUST WED - SUN 1 - 5PM in.ter.face Presented by Coalesce ARI Curated by Caitlin Telford Front Gallery “ The common boundaries or interconnections between systems, equipment, concepts and human beings often enable separate or incompatible elements to come together harmoniously whilst drawing attention to the problems that individual entities can hold. in·ter·face is an exhibition that explores the commonalities and tensions that make up these boundaries, interactions and communications whilst examining how individual entities are defined by their relationship with the outside world.”

Featuring: Penny DARLING Rahima JACKSON Raphaela MAZZONE Joanna MORLEY Elina GAULT Linda LOH Alya KHAN Sam HERIZ Carolyn CARDINET Eugenia RAFTOPOULOS Gabrielle NEW/ BY THE SPACE BETWEEN PERFORMANCE COLLECTIVE Lilach MILEKOWSKI Lyndall SMYTHE Mary VAN DEN BROEK Matto LUCAS "MAGUPELA" Nito DOS SANTOS Polly HOLLYOAK Jessica LEDWICH Denailing wood flashing brown eyes and silica gel Dale Nason Rear gallery About us D11@Docklands (part of the Renew Docklands initiative) is an artist-led exhibition space that features curated exhibitions that support an interdisciplinary approach to contemporary art practice.

We offer a space where artists are encouraged to create and exhibit works of art outside their traditional media, to actively pursue collaborations and to extend their practice. The gallery, coordinated by The Second Collective features exhibitions that are usually curated on a two-weekly basis.

Shows involve groups, invited collaborations and solo exhibitions and performances supported by an opening event usually Saturdays 5-8pm. Contact Us P: Michael Carolan 0401298026 A: Shop 3/427, Docklands Drive, Docklands, Melbourne, 3008 E: deliver_ed@optusnet.com.au W: http://d11artists.wix.com/d11-ari