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"IMPERMANENCE" exhibition of painting sculpture and poetry

BY Karen Hopkins | 09-Dec-2016
Impermanence - An exhibition of paintings and sculptures and poems by Karen Hopkins. Life is constantly changing. Each breath a birthing and passing. In a world where the only constant thing is change as humans in our fear of change and the unknown we often want things to stay the same though it is in the welcoming of impermanence we realise all things are possible.#contemporaryaustralian art#art3sculpture #australianart#impermanence
Venue: Yering Station Art Gallery http://www.yering.com/visit-yering-station/cellar-door/art-gallery/
Address: 38 Melba Hwy Yarra Glen Victoria 3775
Date: 2/12/2016-17/1/2017
Time: 10-5 daily
Ticket: Free
: www.karenhopkinsart.com
: https://www.facebook.com/karenhopkinsart
: http://instagram.com/karenhopkinsart
EMail: karenhopkinsart@gmail.com
Call: 402900583
" Impermanence"
An exhibition of paintings and sculptures and poems by Karen Hopkins
In her latest solo exhibition Karen explores impermanence. Through her expressionistic vibrant semi-abstract paintings and mixed media sculptures she expresses changes in nature as a metaphor for changes we can experience as humans.
Working from photos and sketches and visual memories, the light, texture, colour, vastness and sense of space and of the Australian landscape and our relationship with it are a continuing theme and inspiration in her work. Her quirky sculptures and figurative work explore some of the essence of what it means to be human. Using rich layers of color and areas of fine detail and texture Karen aims to create harmony of depth and strength drawing the eye in, whilst encouraging a contemplative response.

Through painting, sculpture and some accompanying poetry Karen’s thoughtful reflections aim to express some connections we make with each other and the natural world.