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Funny, inspiring, outrageous!

BY Catherine Day | 28-Oct-2012
The Award Winning Australian Play by LOUIS NOWRA. What a truly amazing night. I approached the evening with a very open mind and little knowledge of the play. You can imagine my concern when in the opening moments the issues of mental health and Mozart appeared in the opening scenes. I am truly in awe of the director Arthur Pickering for his amazing direction and for the ability of the actors to portray the humanity of the characters.

Venue: Bankstown Arts Centre
Address: Cnr. Dale & Olympic Parades, Bankstown
Date: 26/10/12 - 4/11/12
Time: 8pm, 1pm & 5pm
Ticket: $25.00 adult, $20.00 concession
Buy / Ticket: www.bankstowntheatrecompany.com
Web: www.bankstowntheatrecompany.com
: www.facebook.com/bankstowntheatrecompany
EMail: info@bankstowntheatrecompany.com

From tears to laughter from one moment to the next we were totally enthralled by the story line and It's presentation. Simon Fry who plays Roy is truly outstanding in the roll. His flanboyance, Witt and mastery of the stage were mezsmerizing while Cameron Lewis playing the social worker Justin just oozed the social workers charm, good nature and tolerance. Of course Edward Rooke as the lovable If somewhat crude Rascal and pyromaniac Doug had us amused, shocked and giggling throughout. Not to forget all the ladies either. Pauline Gardner as the dottering Ruth really tickled my fancy Because as a performer myself I have worked with students that drive me just as crazy. I could write just as glowing a report on all the actors....

Are you curious enough to find out which actor grows with the part from the beginning to the end and imparts in the audience the belief that by helping others grow and develop that you yourself grow and develop? Or the actor that just makes you want to cringe with his portrayal of self confidence and sleeze? Perhaps you will like the actor who makes you smile with memories of unrequited love or the actor who shows the nieve denial Of drug addiction. The actors are all so convincing in their roles that I highly recommend you come and see it for yourself. It will leave you with a lot of issues to ponder.You won't be disappointed.